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1. Booking a Session:

Please note that online appointment booking has been disabled for the moment. Due to high demand, I am not in a position to offer bookings to any new clients at the moment. However, please email me directly kear@psychology-ireland.ie to discuss your therapy needs or if you’d like to be added to the appointment schedule for early 2020.

The standard session cost is €80. Options are available below for an extended 90-minute session at a total cost of €150. Please select the checkbox if you wish to book an extended session.

Checkout is offered through Stripe payments to protect your card details.

Video therapy sessions are offered through ZOOM, for your convenience & security; if you prefer to chat through Skype or FaceTime, please feel free to let me know.

A direct link will be sent (to the email you submit on payment) just before your session is due to start. It is a good idea to have your email open a few minutes before your scheduled session, in order to avoid any delays.

2. How long does a session last?

  • Individual therapy sessions usually last 50 minutes.
  • Extended, or joint/couples’ sessions are available on request and last 90 minutes.

3. Session fees

  • The fee for a 50-minute session is €80, while the fee for an extended, 90-minute (1.5 hour) session is €150.
  • Therapy sessions are supplied via Zoom. If you prefer to use Skype or FaceTime, that’s no problem.
  • A reduced fee for a limited number of sessions can be discussed in cases of genuine need. Contact me to discuss your circumstances.
  • Consultations are by appointment only.

4. Payments

  • Consultation fees are taken at the time of booking online and can be made by credit or debit card.
  • If you book by phone then your credit/debit card number will be taken at time of booking.
  • Should you fail to turn up for your consultation or fail to give 48 hours’ notice, the full fee will be charged and/or no refund given.

5. Cancellations

  • A minimum of 48 hours’ notice must be given if you need to cancel an appointment. This policy applies so that Kear can offer the appointment to someone else who is waiting. If less than 48 hours’ notice is provided, then the full session fee applies.
  • Clients are expected to give 48 hours’ notice of a cancelled appointment. If this does not happen, they are liable for the full fee for that session.

6. Missed Appointments

  • If you fail to turn up to an appointment, without making contact in advance to cancel or reschedule then the full fee is charged as a failed appointment fee.
  • If you repeatedly fail to turn up to a scheduled appointment and/or you neglect to get in touch about this or respond to any messages, Kear reserves the right to no longer see you as a client.

This policy applies to everyone.

Kear has a busy practice and cannot continue to offer sessions that are repeatedly missed as this leads to an increased waiting list for others wishing to be seen, and unnecessary wasted time for all concerned.

Frequent cancellations and missed appointments are often an indication of lack of readiness to fully face and deal with the issues that have bought you to therapy in the first place. This is ok, and it happens all the time. Kear simply requests that if this is, or becomes, the case for you at any point in your contact, that you let her know as soon as you can. Taking a break from therapy for a while can be helpful, and indeed, therapeutic in itself if it is managed and negotiated between therapist and client in an open and honest way.

7. Confidentiality

All dealings with clients are dealt with in the strictest confidence and subject to standards laid down by our professional organisations, the Psychological Society of Ireland’s Code of Ethics.

8. Links to & from My Site:

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  • you do so in a fair and legal manner;
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You may link to any page of My Site, with the following exceptions:

  • Framing or embedding of My Site on other websites is not permitted without my express written permission. Please contact me at kear@psychology-ireland.ie  for further information or requests.

You may not link to My Site from any other site, or submit user content to my site, where the main content contains material that:

  • is sexually explicit;
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For information on how I protect your privacy, please visit my privacy policy here.