Work with Me


The quality of the therapeutic relationship is arguably the most important factor in any successful therapy. Without it, no effective or meaningful work can take place.

A strong bond between client and therapist can be especially valuable to individuals who have struggled with forming relationships and those who experienced traumatic events in their early years. The therapeutic relationship provides a safe, confidential space to explore relational attachments, bonds and experiences. As such, finding a therapist that you click with is essential in supporting your unique and individual process of change, growth and healing.

Prospective clients are invited to arrange an initial meeting to see if this is a situation within which they can successfully work and form that all-important relationship. If you decide that this is not the right fit, there is no pressure or obligation to continue. Help will be provided in finding and accessing alternative supports that best meet your individual needs.

In person

Office appointments are available at The Medical Centre, Spanish Point Road, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare. They will also soon be available at Kear’s office, just outside Lahinch, County Clare.

Online Appointments

Please note that online appointment booking has been disabled for the moment. Due to high demand, I am not in a position to offer bookings to any new clients at the moment. However, please feel free to email me directly to discuss your therapy needs or if you’d like to be added to the appointment schedule for early 2020.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

Maya Angelou